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The Expressive Actor: Integrated Voice, Movement and Acting Training

The Expressive Actor: Integrated Voice, Movement and Acting Training

Michael Lugering

ISBN: 9780415669313

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: Trade Paperback
"The study of acting should not begin with an exploration of feeling, perception, imagination, memories, intention, personalization, self-identification... or even performance but physical action." Michael Lugering's The Expressive Actor presents a foundational, preparatory training method, using movement to unlock the entire acting process. Its action-based perspective integrates voice, movement and basic acting training into a unified approach. A wealth of exercises and diagrams guide the reader through this internationally taught program, making it an ideal step-by-step course for both solo and classroom use. Through this course, voice and body training becomes more than a simple skill-building activity it is the central prerequisite to any actor training. This new Routledge edition has been fully updated, to include:
    • A revised prologue, further discussing the historical and philosophical grounding of The Lugering Method
    • A new introduction, with particular focus on the integrative nature of the method and how the book should be used.
    • New developments, clarifications, and 12 new exercises.
    • 6 new illustrative diagrams.
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