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The Expressive Body: Physical Characterization for the Actor

The Expressive Body: Physical Characterization for the Actor

Sarah A Alberts

ISBN: 9780435070304

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Trade Paperback

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From the author of the bestselling "Talking About Mime" comes a practical handbook for the actor on physical expression and movement. "The Expressive Body" looks at intentional and unintentional movement and gesture as they inform characterization, and how those factors can be used by the actor to enhance performance. Chapters covered include Movement and Gestures, Building a Character, Character Interaction, and movement for Period Plays, and are designed to enable the actor to "rise about a superficial representation of yet another stereotypical stock character to the creation and embodiment of a living, breathing human being." A mime artist of worldwide recognition and critical acclaim, David Alberts has performed and taught throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.
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