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Film and the Anarchist Imagination

Film and the Anarchist Imagination

Richard Porton

ISBN: 9781859842614

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Bearded bomb-throwers, self-indulgent nihilists, dangerous subversives--these characteristic cliches of anarchists in the popular imagination are often reproduced in the cinema. In "Film and the Anarchist Imagination," the first comprehensive survey of anarchism in film, Richard Porton deconstructs such stereotypes while offering an authoritative account of films featuring anarchist characters and motifs.
From the early cinema of Griffith and Rene Clair, to the work of Godard, Lina Wertmuller, Lizzie Borden and Ken Loach, Porton analyzes portrayals of anarchism in film, presenting commentaries and critiques of such classics as "Zero de Conduite," "Tout Va Bien," and "Love and Anarchy." In addition, he provides an excellent guide to the complex traditions of anarchist thought, from Bakunin and Kropotkin to Emma Goldman and Murray Bookchin, disclosing a rich historical legacy that encompasses the Paris Commune, the Haymarket martyrs, the anarcho-syndicalists of the Spanish Civil War, as well as more familiar contemporary avatars like the Situationists and the enrages of May 1968.
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