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Film Language: A Semiotics of the Cinema

Film Language: A Semiotics of the Cinema

Christian Metz

ISBN: 9780226521305

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A pioneer in the field, Christian Metz applies insights of structural linguistics to the language of film.
"The semiology of film . . . can be held to date from the publication in 1964 of the famous essay by Christian Metz, 'Le cinema: langue ou langage?'"--Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, "Times Literary Supplement"
"Modern film theory begins with Metz."--Constance Penley, coeditor of "Camera Obscura"
"Any consideration of semiology in relation to the particular field signifying practice of film passes inevitably through a reference to the work of Christian Metz. . . . The first book to be written in this field, "Film Language"] is important not merely because of this primacy but also because of the issues it raises . . . issues that have become crucial to the contemporary argument."--Stephen Heath, "Screen"
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