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Filming the Undead: How to Make Your Own Zombie Movie

Filming the Undead: How to Make Your Own Zombie Movie

Rod Durick

ISBN: 9780764147166

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Trade Paperback

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Today, thanks to the development of modern, relatively low-cost and rentable filmmaking equipment, anybody with ambition, imagination, and basic cinematic know-how can become a movie producer and director. In this book, author Rod Durick helps readers develop that cinematic know-how. He translates his own experiences into a detailed set of practical instructions for budding independent filmmakers who want to specialize in making zombie movies. Recognizing that most independent filmmakers must work on very small budgets, Durick emphasizes ways to find low-cost solutions for creating effects that rival those of Hollywood studios. He presents detailed instructions on--
  • Making a storyboard for a story concept
  • Coping with preproduction details, such as contracts, budgeting, financing, assembling casts and crews, finding shooting locations, and more
  • Creating props and special effects, making convincing zombie masks and horror-story makeup, designing costumes, and getting supplies
  • Mastering production details, which include lighting and filming both indoors and outdoors
  • Completing postproduction details, such as film editing, creating visual effects, and adding sound and music
  • Marketing and promoting at conventions, festivals, local theaters, and other sites
    The book is filled with step-by-step, how-to color photos and illustrations, lists of needed equipment and materials, do-and-don't warnings, and virtually everything a low-budget filmmaker needs to know before starting out to produce a successful horror movie.
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