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French New Wave

French New Wave

Jean Douchet

ISBN: 9781564660572

Written by writer/director Douchet--himself a participant in the French New Wave--this classic reference work explores that great French "school" of film which produced such masterpieces as Godard's "Breathless" and Truffaut's "Jules and Jim". 500 photos, 200 in color.

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Unlike painting, the history of cinema has developed relatively few stylistic "schools". Perhaps the most famous exception to this is the French New Wave, a term that at once connotes to even the most casual moviegoer such masterpieces as Godard's Breathless and Truffaut's Jules and Jim. In that great French tradition of artistic rebellions, the New Wave came about when a band of writers for the film journal Cahiers du Cinema began to attack the staid conventions of French cinema at the time. Borrowing money and filming on location, by 1959 they were a force to reckon with, and the French New Wave was born. This book documents all of the New Wave from its inception through its decade of flourishing and to its eventual demise, as signaled by the new approaches its directors were taking. The French New Wave's bold graphic design and numerous film stills highlight what is, without question, the most important and comprehensive book on this genre. Written and assembled by writer and director Jean Douchet -- himself a participant in the French New Wave -- it will stand as the classic reference work on the subject for years to come.
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