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Going to the Movies: A Personal Journey Through Four Decades of Modern Film

Going to the Movies: A Personal Journey Through Four Decades of Modern Film

Syd Field

ISBN: 9780440508496

The bestselling author of "Screenwriting" and "The Screenwriter's Workbook" shares the exciting highlights that have shaped his career and taught him to understand and appreciate the magic behind the silver screen.

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: Trade Paperback
Featuring insights ... analysis ... great films and filmmakers from "the most-sought-after screenwriting teacher in the world" "(The Hollywood Reporter).""
A life in film. An extraordinary career. An unforgettable story -- from noted lecturer, teacher, and bestselling author Syd Field.
What makes a great movie great? ... An actor legendary? ... A screenplay extraordinary or just ordinary?
Syd Field has spent a lifetime seeking answers to these questions. His bestselling books on the art and craft of screenwriting have become the film industry's gold standard.
Now Syd Field tells his own remarkable story, sharing the insight and experience gleaned from an extraordinary career. Using classic movies from the past and present -- from Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane" to Andy and Larry Wachowski's "The Matrix" -- Field provides a guided tour of the basic elements common to all great films.
Learn what makes "La Grande Illusion" a groundbreaking, timeless classic ... how "Casablanca" teaches one of the most important elements of creating memorable characters for the screen ... why "Pulp Fiction" might be one of the most influential films of our time.
Discover the legendary filmmakers, films, and stars who shaped Field's understanding of the medium.... Meet Jean Renoir, the great French director who steered his young Berkeley protege away from medicine into film.... Watch a dazzling young Francis Ford Coppola as he directs his thesis film at UCLA.... Spend an amazing summer with Sam Peckinpah as he shares the screenwriting techniques behind his classic western "The Wild Bunch."
Rich in anecdote and insight, Going to the Movies will both entertain and inform, deepening every moviegoer's appreciation of the magic behind the silver screen.
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