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Feminine Ending, A - Full Length Play, Dark Comedy

Feminine Ending, A

Sarah Treem

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Full Length Play, Dark Comedy

3m, 2f

ISBN: 9780573652356

A Feminine Ending is a gentle, bittersweet comedy about a girl who knows what she wants, but not quite how to get it. Her parents are getting divorced, her fiancé is almost famous, her first love reappears, and there's a lot of noise in her head, but none of it is music. Until the end.

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: Acting Edition
: Large Print
: Stage Manager

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Full Length Play

Dark Comedy

Romantic Comedy

90 minutes

Time Period - Contemporary, Present Day, New Millennium/21st Century

Settings Of Play - Amanda’s house in Brooklyn. Her parents’ house in New Hampshire. The recesses of her mind.



Monologues, Scene work

Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


Mild Adult Themes




College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Professional Theatre, Large Stage


From Off-Broadway

Having recently graduated from a major conservatory, and with a rocker boyfriend on the brink of stardom, aspiring composer Amanda Blue’s “extraordinary life” seems to be all mapped out. But when she’s called home to answer her mother’s distress call about a [marriage in crisis/marital crisis], Amanda’s grand plan starts to unravel. A Feminine Ending is a bittersweet play about dreams deferred, loves lost, and learning to trust a woman’s voice in a man’s world.


"Ending is a promising beginning...the playwright has a sense of humor that brings to mind a budding Wendy Wasserstein and a liberated sense of form that evokes a junior Paula Vogel." - Los Angeles Times

"Darkly comic...has undeniable wit." - New York Post

"Appealingly outlandish humor." - The New York Times

"Courageous. The 90-minute piece swerves with nerve and naivete. Sarah Treem has a voice all her own." - Newsday

Check out these photos from the Playwrights Horizons production of A Feminine Ending in October 2007.

A Feminine Ending premiered in New York City at Playwrights Horizons in October 2007 under the direction of Blair Brown.



3m, 2f


Ensemble cast, Non-Traditional casting, Strong Role for Leading Woman (Star Vehicle)


N/A (Not a musical)

AMANDA - Mid 20s, oboist, aspiring composer.
JACK - Mid 20s, singer, up-and-coming pop star.
KIM - Early 50s, Amanda’s mother. Homemaker.
DAVID - Early 50s, Amanda’s father. Insurance salesman.
BILLY - Mid 20s, Postman.
Rental Materials


N/A (Not a musical)


N/A (Not a musical)

  • A Feminine Ending - Playwrights Horizons Trailer

Sarah Treem

Sarah Treem

Sarah Treem is the Golden Globe Winning writer and producer of Showtime's The Affair. Her full-length plays include Empty Sky, Against the Wall, Mirror, Mirror, A Feminine Ending, Human Voices, When We Were Young and Unafraid, and Vienna's Amazing.A Feminine Ending received its world premiere at Playwrights Horizons in Fall 2007, was subsequently produced at South Coast Repertory and Portland ... view full profile

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Katharine Schmidt 8/4/2013 8:14 PM
Opposites tyrannize Amanda.  As the central figure in Sarah Treem's A Feminine Ending, Amanda finds that the territories of male and female encompass every aspect of her life.  In her childhood Amanda took refuge in music, reframing her parents' fights into duets.  Pursuing a career as a composer, she dismays to realize that male composers laughably outnumber females, and even the beginnings and endings of compositions fall into male and female categories.  Male beginnings and endings fall on stressed beats of a musical measure, whereas females fall on unstressed, 'weaker' beats.

While the tug-o-war of gender underscores the play, Amanda's life unravels.  Her pop star fiancé places their relationship on the back burner, her mother entangles her in the difficulties of her parents' marriage, and she regresses to the greener pastures of her high school boyfriend.  Amidst this, Amanda wrestles her true obstacle: She fears she cannot create music, and her anger over sexism only masks this fear.

The language and action of this play include nothing extraneous.  Treem weaves music throughout, as Amanda plays the piano and oboe, but also as she describes her life through the lens of music.  Amanda ultimately understands that music allows her to embrace her femininity.

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