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Grammar Wars: 179 Games and Improvs for Learning Language Arts

Grammar Wars: 179 Games and Improvs for Learning Language Arts

Tom Ready

ISBN: 9781566080637

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Trade Paperback

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Improv is a fun way to learn language arts as well as acting and theatrical skills. The author, a leading California language arts and theatre educator, years ago discovered improv exercises and games that blur the lines between performance and language practice. Since then, he's used improvisation to teach English, and English to teach rehearsal and acting skills. The exercises and games in this book can be used to help students learn punctuation, grammar and parts of speech as well as performance skills. The games are divided into three levels of difficulty: easy, moderate and difficult to suit individual students. An excellent supplemental text for English and drama classes. Sample game categories include: Phonics, Vocabulary, Parts of Speech, Punctuation, Sentences, Reading Comprehension, Storytelling, Writing, Acting and more.
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