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Bedrooms: Five Comedies - Full Length Play, Comedy

Bedrooms: Five Comedies

Joseph Bologna, Renee Taylor

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Full Length Play, Comedy

8m, 8f

ISBN: 9780573620669

Five comedies: Alan, Betty and Riva; Bill and Laura; David and Nancy; Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Wexel; and Nick and Wendy.

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: Acting Edition
: Large Print
: Stage Manager

Minimum Fee: $75 per performance
$45 per short play individually


Full Length Play



Interior Set

Alan, Betty and Riva (1m, 2f) - Alan gets his mistress Betty to agree to join him in a ménage à trois with Riva, a hooker who calls herself a sex therapist. Betty gets cold feet and acquiesces only when Alan convinces her it will help him make the decision to finally leave his wife. Afterward, Betty is depressed and, when she realizes Alan still isn't going to leave his wife, she threatens suicide.

Bill and Laura (3m, 3f) - Bill and Laura have recently separated. They show up at the same dinner party with dates and come face-to-face in the bedroom where the coats are being stored. They immediately begin fighting. They go out to the party, but soon return, looking for their coats, which are now buried. The fight gets heated as they criticize each other's dates and lives as single people. The more they fight the more they realize that their lives apart have been miserable. In each other's arms, they lock the door and throw the coats off the bed.

David and Nancy (1m, 1f) - David wakes up with an anxiety attack, rushes to his daughter's bedroom and wakes her, certain there is a prowler outside. After she convinces him no one is there, what is really upsetting him surfaces. She is getting married in the morning and he thinks she's making a horrendous mistake. He goes through all the reasons why she should not marry Martin, reasons so outrageous that Nancy just sits there letting him have his tantrum. His love for his daughter and sense of loss at her impending marriage are the cause of his upset.

Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Wexel (1m, 1f) - Mr. Lewis, a widower, invites Mrs. Wexel, a widow who lives in the same Florida senior citizen center, up to his apartment to see his fish. He then tries to seduce her, and though both are in their eighties, he pursues her as if they were sixteen. When she finally gives in, he's too tired to do anything.

Nick and Wendy (2m, 1f) - A married couple check in for the weekend to attend a two-day human potential encounter-type seminar. In five scenes that take place during the seminar's bathroom breaks, we ride the roller coaster of feelings they go through before ending where they started at the beginning of the weekend.



8m, 8f

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Stephen Smith 2/9/2015 4:12 AM
I bought this series of plays based on the extract of the first play, David and Nancy, which is a very funny play and with a timeless theme ( No man is good enough for my daughter).  The rest are dated and not that funny.  

Five stars for David and Nancy, two for the rest of the plays

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