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The Grey Zone: Director's Notes and Screenplay

The Grey Zone: Director's Notes and Screenplay

Stanley Kauffmann, Tim Blake Nelson

ISBN: 9781557045829

First realized as a play and then made into a movie in 2002, "The Grey Zone" is based on historical events, centering on Auschwitz's 12th Sonderkommando squad, prisoners assigned work in the crematoria, and their struggle to organize the only armed revolt in October of 1944.

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A seductive young woman chooses the dangerous path of confronting the justice system and corporate power for the sake of her children, her passion for life, and her desire to be loved.

Kelly Jensen was only six years old when she witnessed her mother's murder, for which her father was wrongfully convicted. Moved from foster home to foster home, Kelly was exposed to abuse, neglect, and human trafficking. By age fifteen she was a runaway, combining her innate intelligence with street smarts to become a chameleon capable of losing herself in every character she impersonated. Beautiful and bewitching, Kelly used her talents to become the most notorious identity thief in the country.

Ruggedly handsome defense attorney Jake Brooks finds the enigmatic Kelly Jensen irresistible despite suspecting her of murdering his best friend from law school. His obsession leads him to risk his own illustrious career in Los Angeles to see that justice is served. Kelly finds him addictive. Together, the two uncover a sordid link among immoral foster care parents, high rollers in Vegas, politicians, and the legal system itself. Kelly ultimately takes fate into her own hands behind closed doors in the gray zone.

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