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The Guerilla Guide to Animation: Making Animated Films Outside the Mainstream

The Guerilla Guide to Animation: Making Animated Films Outside the Mainstream

Walter Santucci

ISBN: 9780826429858

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Trade Paperback

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"Do I have to be good at drawing to become an animator?" Walter Santucci declares that question to be the most pervasive during his 15 plus years in the business. His unequivocal reply? "No, but it helps to get good at it " He likes to think, based on both his achievements and failures, that being funny, rather than having artistic abilities, is the real key to animation success. Hey, look at "South Park"

"The Guerrilla Guide to Animation: Making Animated Films Outside the Mainstream "seeks to teach those not able to afford animation training or who seek to find an alternate path. It's meant to provide the outsider, the anarchist, the rebel, guidance into the world of 2D animation. While there are many texts available on animation, the shortcuts, rule breaking and cheating are some of the elements that set "The Guerrilla Guide to Animation "apart from the others. By including an instructional section, as well as an anecdotal section, Santucci gives the reader a 'do-it-yourself' guide from the correct animation terms to setting up your own studio - even building equipment yourself - and a chance to walk in the shoes of someone who's been there and done that. He also includes a motivational/inspirational chapter on 'why do this if only your family will see it ', which will keep the reader grounded and focused on their original goal.

Provocatively written, the author's experience in directing and teaching makes him the perfect source for all of those would-be animators out there. A great combination of in-depth knowledge and years of personal success and failure, "The Guerrilla Guide to Animation "is a unique resource for those who want to do animation their own way.

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