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The Hollywood Economist 2.0: The Hidden Financial Reality Behind the Movies

The Hollywood Economist 2.0: The Hidden Financial Reality Behind the Movies

Edward Jay Epstein

ISBN: 9781612190501

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A fully revised edition of the popular guide to Hollywood finances, updated to reflect even newer films and trends
In a "Freakonomics"-meets-Hollywood saga, veteran investigative reporter Edward Jay Epstein goes undercover to explore Hollywood's "invisible money machine," probing the dazzlingly complicated finances behind the hits and flops, while he answers a surprisingly difficult question: How do the studiosmake their money?
We also learn:
+ How and why the studios harvest silver from old film prints ...
+ Why stars do--or don't do--their own stunts ...
+ The future of Netflix: Why the "next big thing" now seems in such deep trouble...
+ What it costs to insure Nicole Kidman's right knee...
+ How Hollywood manipulates Wall Street: including the story of the acquisition of MGM... wherein a consortium of banks and hedge funds lost some $5 billion... while Hollywood made millions.
+ Why Arnold Schwarzenegger is considered a contract genius...
+ The fate of serious fare: How HBO, AMC, and Showtime have found ways to make money offer adult drama, while the Hollywood studios prefer to cater to teen audiences.
+ Why "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" is considered a "masterpiece" of financing ...
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