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Hopper: A Savage American Journey

Hopper: A Savage American Journey

Tom Folsom

ISBN: 9780062206954

A rollicking biography of Dennis Hopper, the actor, activist, artist, and wild man who died in 2010. As unconventional a biography as Dennis was a man, "Hopper" charts his roller coaster life and career, through the lens of the landscape of American popular culture.

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Easy Rider. Apocalypse Now. Blue Velvet. Rebel Without a Cause. An unflinching adventure through American pop culture, Hopper is a wild ride amid the many lives of Hollywood outlaw Dennis Hopper--mentored by James Dean, a collaborator with Andy Warhol, a confidant of Elvis Presley, a favorite of Charles Manson. Hopper races full speed ahead to the decadent heights of fame as the visionary director of Easy Rider crashes and burns in drug-addled madness in the desert . . . only to reemerge in one of the greatest Hollywood comebacks of all time.
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