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The Hundred Dresses: The Most Iconic Styles of Our Time

The Hundred Dresses: The Most Iconic Styles of Our Time

Erin McKean

ISBN: 9781608199761

A stylishly illustrated and informative A-to-Z look at 100 iconic dressesNfrom The Bandage to The Sack, The Baby-doll to The Siren, and everything betweenNthat have made their mark on the world.

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The dress is the last bit of femininity in our closets; it's the only item of clothing which (most) men and women don't share. Wearing a dress is a powerful way for women to express themselves--and every style conveys a different message. Inspired by the Eleanor Estes' children's classic "The Hundred Dresses," Erin McKean's classic-to-be by the same title, with chic illustrations by Donna Mehalko, is a definitive look at the dresses, vintage and modern, that make an inarguable statement about the woman who wears them.Each evocatively illustrated entry identifies one of a hundred different dresses accompanied by a witty and informative look at the history of that particular style, famous wearers (if applicable), and what message, subtle or overt, is conveyed by the dress. Notes on where such a style could be observed and accessories of the wearer are also included. Featured are The Wench; The Sari; The Vreeland; The Wrap; The Austen; The Beckham; The Siren (any style, as long as it's red); The Chanel Ingenue; The Caftan; The Guinivere; The Jackie; The Slip Dress; The Biohazard (any dress dangerous to bystanders or the wearer: think Lady Gaga); and scores more. The book also includes a suggested reading list of fashion books, dresses from literature, and an index.Part style commentary, part fashion blueprint, part clever field guide, "The Hundred Dresses "will ensure that no woman (or man) ever underestimates the power of the dress.
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