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Evil Dead: The Musical - Full Length Musical, Comedy

Evil Dead: The Musical

Christopher Bond, Frank Cipolla, Melissa Morris, George Reinblatt

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Full Length Musical, Comedy

5m, 3f

ISBN: 9780573651397

Book and Lyrics By George Reinblatt
Music By Frank Cipolla, Christopher Bond, Melissa Morris, and George Reinblatt
Additional Music by Christopher Bond, Melissa Morris and George Reinblatt

Nominee! Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding New Off-Broadway Musical
"The next Rocky Horror Show!" - The New York Times
"A ridiculous amount of fun." - Variety
"Wickedly campy good time." - Associated Press

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Full Length Musical


Adaptations (Stage & Screen), Mystery/Thriller, Parody / Spoof

90 minutes

Time Period - Present Day

Settings Of Play - A cabin in the woods... oooh.


Audience Participation/Interactive, Physical Comedy, Stage Combat, Special Effects

Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


Alcohol, Drugs, Gun Shots, Intense Adult Themes, Strong Language, Mild Adult Themes


Betrayal, Death


Adult, Teen (Age 14 - 18)


College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Dinner Theatre, Professional Theatre, Shoestring Budget, Outdoor, Large Stage, Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups


From Off-Broadway

Nominee! Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding New Off-Broadway Musical

Based on Sam Raimi's 80s cult classic films, EVIL DEAD tells the tale of 5 college kids who travel to a cabin in the woods and accidentally unleash an evil force. And although it may sound like a horror, it's not! The songs are hilariously campy and the show is bursting with more farce than a Monty Python skit. EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL unearths the old familiar story: boy and friends take a weekend getaway at abandoned cabin, boy expects to get lucky, boy unleashes ancient evil spirit, friends turn into Candarian Demons, boy fights until dawn to survive. As musical mayhem descends upon this sleepover in the woods, "camp" takes on a whole new meaning with uproarious numbers like "All the Men in my Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons," "Look Who's Evil Now" and "Do the Necronomicon."

"The next Rocky Horror Show!" - The New York Times, Read More

"A ridiculous amount of fun." - Variety, Read More

"Bloody Hilarious! This devilishly entertaining show [has] never forgotten why it was created: To make people laugh!" - The Toronto Star, Read More

EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL first glimpsed the light of day in Toronto, where early workshop engagements played to capacity and beyond. While mainstream theatre audiences flocked to the show, diehard fans of the Evil Dead film series made pilgrimages from across the world.


5m, 3f


Expandable casting, Flexible casting, Room for Extras, Strong Role for Leading Man (Star Vehicle)


If the director desires the cast to be larger, doubled roles may be expanded into individual parts.


No Chorus

ASH: Male, Early 20’s (Range: Baritone, C#3- Bb4)
An employee at S-Mart. On his one and only vacation all year. Optimistic about the cabin in the middle of the woods despite the obvious paranormal activity.

CHERYL: Female, Early 20’s (Range: Alto, G3-F#5)
Ash’s lonely sister. Decides to join the group to spend the weekend reading, sleeping, and baking. Scares easily. Perhaps the only person to sees the possessed cabin for what it is. The first to succumb to possession.

ANNIE: Female, Mid 20's (Alto, B3-A5)
Arrives home from Egypt after locating the Book of the Dead. On a mission to translate the book to save the world. All  the men in her past have been killed by candarian demons. DOUBLES SHELLY, a random girl who Scott picked up drunk at a bar three days ago.

LINDA: Female, Early 20’s (Range: Soprano, A3-E5)
Also works at S-Mart and dating Ash. Never thought she would meet the man of her dreams at S-Mart. The voice of reason. Always concerned about the other people in the cabin, especially Cheryl.

SCOTT: Male, Early 20’s (Range: Tenor, D3-G4)
Doesn’t care about anyone other than himself, unless they can get him laid. Constantly demeaning. Makes fun of people for being scared of obviously creepy things (like talking trees). Blatant and straight to the point.

ED: Male, Mid 20's (Range: Bass, A2-F#4)
Deeply in love with Annie. Nothing special about him. Longs to be more than just an extra character within the musical. DOUBLES MOOSE, a possessed moose head on the wall of the cabin.

JAKE: Male, Mid 30's (Range: Baritone, G#2-F#4)
Good, old, and reliable. Seems to know far too much about the musical. Spends his time wandering the woods around the cabin.

FAKE SHEMP: Male, Age Flexible (Range: Ensemble/Part Flexible)
This role is basically all of the small roles in the show - the severed hand, the headless body, etc. It is also optional, and if the director desires, these small roles can be divided up amongst the other actors in the show.

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10 Piano/Conductor Scores


Music Accompaniment CD for rehearsal and performance (Additional Fee: $150 per performance)
Song Samples

Cabin In The Woods (Ash, Linda, Scott, Shelly, Cheryl)

Housewares Employee (Ash, Linda)

I’m Not A Killer (Ash)

Bit Part Deomon (Ed)

All The Men In My Life (Annie, Ash, Jake)

Blew That Bitch Away (Ensemble)

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  • Evil Dead: Interview With George Reinblatt

George Reinblatt

George Reinblatt

Now Playing
Mark Yuko 9/24/2014 6:58 AM
I just bought a copy of this script at the Drama Book Shop in New York City.  

All I can say is, I can't wait to see a production of this.  As a big fan of the original movie, this comedy-version re-creates it in a really unique way on stage--with lots of splashing blood!

The script is interesting to read just on it's own!
Joy Estabrooks 10/2/2013 2:51 PM

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