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Improv!: A Handbook for the Actor

Improv!: A Handbook for the Actor

Greg Atkins

ISBN: 9780435086275

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You're an actor. You know you're going to have to do it sometime, but the very thought chills your blood, makes your palms go sweaty, and your voice squeak. It's improvisation - and for many actors it's a nightmare. Greg Atkins, a member of South Coast Repertory and unabashed improviser, takes the fear out of improv. This friendly, informative book looks at the reasons many actors hate improvisation, while quietly reinforcing the reasons improv is a vital part of acting and of theatre. He offers sensible (and fun ) exercises that can be used by teachers or by actors, to build up the mental agility that is so much a part of improvisation, and that should be part of every actor's arsenal.

Greg Atkins

Greg Atkins began his career at the Tony-Award-winning South Coast Repertory, where he quickly grew from actor to writer, to director and creative director. Mr. Atkins has written and/or directed productions and special events for The Walt Disney Company (including national and international tours), SeaWorld, Universal Theme Parks, InMotion Entertainment, SenovvA and other major entertainment ... view full profile

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