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Introduction to Theatre Arts: A 36-Week Action Handbook

Introduction to Theatre Arts: A 36-Week Action Handbook

Suzi Zimmerman

ISBN: 9781566080903

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Introduction to Theatre Arts Student Handbook -- At last -- a student-friendly, teacher-friendly, workbook with study units for an entire year of classroom drama activities. The entire spectrum of theatre is covered in ten sections: 1. Getting Started, 2. Evaluation, 3. Scene Work, 4. Acting, 5. Characterization, 6. Publicity and Other Production Business, 7. Play Production, 8. Theatre History, 9. Games and Improvisation, 10. Planning for the Future. All units are complete with detailed instructions, examples, working forms and photo illustrations. Theory combined with hands-on is the style of every chapter. Every student will learn all the basics of theatre history, play production, performing and how to find a career in theatre. This instructional program has been classroom-tested and updated to fit the budgetary considerations of all schools. Introduction to Theatre Arts Teacher's Guide -- This matching companion guide to the student's action workbook makes teaching this class eas
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