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Little Me (Vocal Selections)

Little Me (Vocal Selections)

Cy Coleman, Carolyn Leigh

Book by Neil Simon
Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh
Music by Cy Coleman
Based on a novel by Patrick Dennis

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LITTLE ME played for 257 performances on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre starring Sid Caesar, Virginia Martin and Nancy Andrews. It has since been revived twice, most recently in 1998 starring Martin Short and Faith Prince.

Mama — mother of Belle. A hooker with a heart of gold. Often played in drag. Her first name, Tallulah, is only given in the Garber and Coco revival.

Belle Poitrine — the heroine, née Schlumpfert. Played by two women, Older Belle and Younger Belle in the original version, and by one woman in the Martin Short revival.

Mrs. Eggleston — Noble's mother. Her first name, Flo, is only given in the Garber and Coco revival. Often played in drag. George Musgrove — a young, handsome gambler who falls in love with Belle. Renamed Frankie Polo, the gangster, in the Garber and Coco revival, and Lucky Malone in the Martin Short revival. The Men in Belle's life:

Noble Eggleston — Belle's true love

Mr. Pinchley — old rich man The Buchsbaum Brothers — Benny and Bernie, two fast-talking vaudeville bookers Val du Val — an entertainer Fred Poitrine — a World War I private Otto Schnitzler — movie director Mr. Worst — An eccentric millionaire. Present only in the Garber and Coco revival.

Prince Cherney — a Prince NOTE: The parts of Noble, Mr. Pinchley, Val du Val, Fred Poitrine, Otto Schitzler and Prince Cherney are typically played by the same actor; Martin Short additionally played the role of Benny Buchsbaum. Some productions have also given the lead actor the roles of Patrick Dennis and George Musgrove. Other Characters:

Patrick Dennis — A famous writer, ghost-writing Belle's autobiography

Bernie and Benny Buchsbaum — Two theatrical producers who take advantage of Belle's notoriety to make her a vaudeville star (despite her lack of talent) and later produce her self-financed film career.

Ramona Nightengale — Noble's fiancee, chosen by his mother

Brucey — Noble's sycophantic, arrogant sidekick

Yulnick — Prince Cherney's confidante.

Butler/Hairdressers — At Belle Poitrine's Southhampton house. Present only in the original production.

Junior — Mr. Pichley's son.

Mrs. Kepplewhite — Mr. Pinchley's secretary.

Nurse — Mr. Pinchley's nurse.

Cy Coleman

Cy Coleman

Cy Coleman (June 14, 1929 - November 18, 2004) was born Seymour Kaufman in New York City. Despite early success in the classical and jazz genres, Coleman decided to build a career in popular music. Coleman’s most successful early partnership was with Carolyn Leigh. Coleman's winning streak as a Broadway composer began when the team of Coleman/Leigh collaborated on the musical Wildcat (1960), which ... view full profile

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