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Lovefuries: The Contracting Sea; The Hanging Judge; Bite or Suck

Lovefuries: The Contracting Sea; The Hanging Judge; Bite or Suck

David Ian Rabey

ISBN: 9781841501840

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: Trade Paperback

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David Ian Rabey is one of the most explosive, pioneering, and erotic playwrights ever to emerge from Wales. "Lovefuries" features three of his performance texts that flaut national and personal pressure to keep silent, committing instead to explore the shocking resurgences of life that break through grief. These plays tackle such issues as the nature of the feminine, surviving sexual abuse, and the boundaries of human language and physicality. This unforgettable collection will introduce American audiences to one of the most gifted contemporary playwrights working in Britain. Praise for David Ian Rabey "Stylish and stylistically challenging work. . . . A riveting and explosively physical performance."--"Irish Times""" "Breathtaking."--"Theatre in Wales""" "" "The struggle is fierce, suspenseful, and genuinely surprising in its outcome."--"Theatre in Wales""" """A gem of concise, meaningful new drama which deserves to be seen more widely as an illustration of the sort of theatre Wales is capable of producing."--Gill Ogden, Aberystwyth Arts Centre
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