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Loving Repeating: A Musical Adapted from the Writings of Gertrude Stein - Libretto - Full Length Musical

Loving Repeating: A Musical Adapted from the Writings of Gertrude Stein - Libretto

Gertrude Stein, Northwestern University Press, Stephen Flaherty

Full Length Musical

ISBN: 9780810120051

Music by Stephen Flaherty
Lyrics by Gertrude Stein

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Description | Characters
: Trade Paperback
Frank Galati's dramatic adaptation of Gertrude Stein's texts begins with Stein at age 60 as she is lecturing at the University of Chicago in 1934. She starts to speak about her writing, specifically her use of repetition, and to connect this idea with her own life experiences. A young Gertrude then appears to guide the audience through her memories of her life as a student, falling in love with Alice B. Toklas, their time together in France and Alice's account of Stein's final day. These vignettes, each culminating in a song (music by Stephen Flaherty), adeptly encapsulate the joy and passion of Stein's life and work, and the depth and complexity of a lesbian romance. Galati sheds new light on Stein's views on language, communication, and ideas by emphasizing how her art evolved from her fascination with the repetition of human behavior-as Stein sings to the audience "Loving repeating is one way of being."
"A love story, told with lyricism, grace and good humor." -Los -Angeles Times

ALICE B. TOKLAS Gertrude's lifelong partner and lover, as examined in her 30s at the beginning of their relationship. She challenges the young Gertrude and the two grow together. Female, 25-35 yrs old Range: Eb3 - E5


GERTRUDE STEIN The eccentric, talkative writer. She delivers a lecture on writing and tells the story of herself in college. She has a life-long partner, Alice, and marches to the beat of her own drum. Female, 55-65 yrs old Range: F3 - E5

YOUNG GERTRUDE The ambitious philosophy/psychology student who meets and falls in love with her sweetheart. Curious, lively, hopeful. Female, 20-25 yrs old Range: F#3 - E5

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