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Magic Mirror: Moviemaking in Russia, 1908-1918

Magic Mirror: Moviemaking in Russia, 1908-1918

Denise J Youngblood

ISBN: 9780299162344

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Amid the instability and violence of turn-of-the-century industrialization and urbanization Russians embraced a revolutionary art form to reflect the aspirations and motivations of a new class. In "The Magic Mirror" Denise Youngblood portrays a newly urbanized entrepreneurial middle class--not the revolutionaries or imperialists of historians--and the movies they made and paid to see. Upon those screens they saw their lives depicted in all their variety and uncertainty.
Youngblood provides a cultural angle into an era most often viewed through a revolutionary lens. Film and the film industry illuminates and reflects the popular attitudes of the time.
"The Magic Mirror" is a study of the ten years of native film production through the Revolutions of 1917, based almost exclusively on Russian language primary sources. Topics examined include the organization and evolution of the industry followed by description and analysis of genres, motifs, and themes as exemplified in 65 of the most important surviving films.
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