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Make It Mystery: An Anthology of Short Mystery Plays

Make It Mystery: An Anthology of Short Mystery Plays

Craig Sodaro

ISBN: 9781566081153

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: Trade Paperback
Better by the dozen This book of twelve royalty-free mystery plays allows you to choose from a wide variety of plays to fit whatever your current staging and casting needs may be. They are especially workable for middle grades and high school, but they may be performed by actors of all ages. Each of the plays has an element of mystery that is often laced with comedy. The Mother Goose Mystery features a cast of suspicious nursery-rhyme-quoting characters. In Queen of Hearts, a young Shakespeare helps solve a crime. Clue in the Library is perfect for a library fund-raiser. Mommy's a Zomblel is a classic farce. All of the plays are fun to perform on stage or in the classroom. Plays include: Queen of Hearts, Clue in the Library, The Mermald, A Very Cold Case, Mystery of the Magical Forest, For Better or Worse, Mommy's a Zomblel, The Mother Goose Mystery, Case of the Dangerfield Diamond, The Little Women Mystery, into Thin Heir, Where Did Everybody Go?
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