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Maverick Screenwriting: A Manual for the Adventurous Screenwriter

Maverick Screenwriting: A Manual for the Adventurous Screenwriter

Josh Golding

ISBN: 9781408129074

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Trade Paperback

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Every film development executive says they're looking for original stories. "Maverick Screenwriting" will teach you how to play with advanced narrative techniques - time, logic and reality - that change the way we look at the world. Discover the techniques that give films like "The Matrix, The Truman Show" and "Avatar" an original twist. You will learn: * the difference between plot-driven and concept-driven films
* how to play with time, reality and point-of-view in radical ways
* how to emotionally connect with your audience
* how to create a 'Matrix' that will hold your story together
* how to push your concept to the limit- how to tell a story that expresses the unique way you look at the world
In "Maverick Screenwriting," writers, development executives, producers and directors will all find inspiration and new approaches that will help your film project stand out.
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