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Mercer Plays: Two ("Flint", "The Bankrupt", "Afternoon at the Festival"," Duck Song", "The Arcata Promise","Find Me" "Huggy Bear")

Mercer Plays: Two ("Flint", "The Bankrupt", "Afternoon at the Festival"," Duck Song", "The Arcata Promise","Find Me" "Huggy Bear")

David Mercer, Stuart Laing

ISBN: 9780413652003

Six plays by David Mercer, compiled as a follow-up edition to "David Mercer Plays: One". Three of the plays in this volume were premiered by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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The first volume of stage and TV plays by one of the best British TV writers Flint premiered just before the 1970 General Election which was to replace the Labour Government of Harold Wilson. It is driven by the figure of Ossian Flint, a seventy-year old swinging vicar who believes in "crossing lines not drawing them" and espouses the romanticised Communism of Lenin and Guevara; In the BBC play The Bankrupt, Ellis Cripper, a woman aged fifty has become bankrupt through operating at "the dishonourable end of the system...capitalism"; An Afternoon at the Festival centres around a version of middle-aged man Leo Brent who is an extreme egoist and a failure in his personal relationships; Duck Song was first produced in the dying days of the failing Heath government and the characters represent a society in decline as the younger characters attempt to find a solution through feminism or psychiatry, it presents "a world to which one cannot relate, which one cannot control, which one can't understand, and which one can't manipulate"; The Arcata Promise centres around the attraction betwen an actor and an inexperienced girl and the destructive conclusion of such an attraction; Find Me returns to the theme of ideological conflict and Eastern Europe; Huggy Bear, a Yorkshire Television production that depicts Hooper, an infantile and philosophical dentist with a "failure to integrate".

David Mercer

David Mercer was born in Wakefield in 1928, the son of an engine driver. He left school at 14 and subsequently trained and qualified as a laboratory technician and worked in this capacity for three years in a civilian hospital and then for a further three years in a Royal Navy laboratory. After leaving the navy in 1948 he studied painting for four years under Lawrence Gowing at King’s College, ... view full profile

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