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Merrily We Roll Along (Vocal Selections) - Full Length Musical

Merrily We Roll Along (Vocal Selections)

Stephen Sondheim

Full Length Musical

ISBN: 9781423487357

Book by George Furth 
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim 
Based on the original play by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart

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: Vocal Selections

One of the most famous Broadway flops is now recognized as a collection of profound and tuneful songs. The plot, in reverse, shows the life of a successful Broadway composer and film producer as he descends the ladder of success toward a more idealistic and innocent version of himself. The music is newly edited, with new engravings, added songs including some not performed in the show, articles, and photos.

Good Thing Going
Not a Day Goes By (all three versions)
Our Time
Old Friends
Like It Was
Merrily We Roll Along
The Blob
Growing Up
Now You Know
Bobby and Jackie and Jack
The Hills of Tomorrow

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The original MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG (like COMPANY in 1970) was directed by Harold Prince. After a troublesome preview period of 52 performances, it opened at the Alvin Theatre on November 16, 1981. (same theatre as Franklin and Charley's fictional "Musical Husbands"). During previews, Prince tinkered endlessly with the set, costumes and teen-aged cast (which included Jim Walton as Franklin and future director Lonny Price as Charley). The press generally lavished praise upon Sondheim's score -- which, like the plot, evolves backwards -- but faulted Prince's concept of the show. It lasted 16 performances, and Prince and Sondheim agreed to work with other people for a while.
BETH SPENCER: A naive and insecure middle-American who is the mother of Frank's son. She arcs from a down-trodden housewife at her wits end to a hopeless romantic at the beginning of her engagement to the man of her dreams. Female, 25-35 yrs old Range: A3 - G5
CHARLEY KRINGAS: A stubborn, intense man with average looks. He ranges from a successful lyricist and Frank's long-time friend to a bright-eyed optimist creating his own opportunities in NYC. Male, 25-40 yrs old Range: A#2 - G#4
FRANKLIN SHEPARD: His character ranges from an influential songwriter and film producer to an innocent, bright-eyed optimist in NYC. Talented and handsome but misled, tragic, and tormented. Male, 25-40 yrs old Range: A2 - Bb4
GUSSIE CARNEGIE: The flamboyant, self-invented actress. Her character begins at the end of her relationship with Frank, but throughout the show we see her grow more and more helplessly in love with him. Greedy and seductive. Female, 25-35 yrs old Range: G3 - C5
JOE JOSEPHSON: Big-talking Broadway producer and husband to Gussie. He later becomes pathetic and poor. Male, 35-50 yrs old Range: A2 - F#4
MARY FLYNN: A middle-aged theatre critic. Her character arcs to the youthful, gorgeous 20-something living in NYC with best friend Frank. Sardonic, bitter, and witty. Female, 30-45 yrs old Range: G3 - Gb5
MEG KINCAID: Starry-eyed starlet who is naive and ambitious. At the start of the show, she is Frank's newest fling. Female, 18-25 yrs old Range: D4 - Gb5
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