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Book of Latin American Plays: Chunga; Paper Flowers; Medea in the Mirror

Book of Latin American Plays: Chunga; Paper Flowers; Medea in the Mirror

Jose Triana, Mario Vargas Llosa, Egon Wolff

ISBN: 9780413773784

La Chunga; Paper Flowers; Medea in the Mirror; these three plays are an extraordinary collection from across the Latin American continent. With all three playwrights considered masters in their respective countries.

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A collection of extraordinary, playable translations from across the Latin American continent, including a new Mario Vargas Llosa play In La Chunga by Mario Vargas Llosa a young gambler down on his luck lends his girlfriend to the lady bar-keeper for the night to pay off a debt. Four years later the girl has neither been seen nor heard of, and the gamblers meet to speculate on the events of that fateful night. In Paper Flowers by Egon Wolff, Eva, a lonely middle class woman puts up a tramp for the night out of the kindness of her heart, only to find that he intends to occupy her life as well as her house, reducing her once and for all to his state. Medea in the Mirror by Jose Triana is an extraordinary re-setting of the Medea story in the Cuban revolution of 1959. As Maria, a young mulatto takes her revenge on Julian for abandoning her for someone else - the play becomes a mirror for the events that took place when Castro ousted the Batista regime.
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