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Big Hotel - Full Length Play, Comedy

Big Hotel

Charles Ludlam

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Full Length Play, Comedy

12m, 10f

ISBN: MS00000000196

NOTICE: Please be advised, this title is from the Samuel French Vault and is made from a scan of an archived manuscript. We hope you’ll treasure this glimpse into theatre history.

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: Acting Edition

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Full Length Play


The first play by the master of The Ridiculous is a collage epic, drawing on literary, film, and dramatic masterpieces as well as comic books, late-night TV, and advertising for its hilarious dialogue. Plots and genres collide as the Devil prosecutes a bet with God, tormenting the Magic Mandarin, who checks into the titular big hotel along with a suicidal Russian ballerina, fading screen star Norma Desmond (tormented in her turn by agent Elwynn Chamberpot), bad guy Drago Rubles, Mata Hari, and Svengali, among others. Even Santa Claus drops by, to be killed off along with the rest of the cast, most of which is revived in time to become unwilling dishwashers at the Firepit Restaurant. A classic of experimental theater, an enduring delight for all but the faint of heart.


12m, 10f


Cross gender casting, Reduced casting (Doubling Possible), Room for Extras

Charles Ludlam

Charles Ludlam

Charles Ludlam (1943-1987) grew up in Queens, New York, just a few subway stops from Greenwich Village, and the heart of Gay America. At twenty-four, he founded the Ridiculous Theatrical Company, where he wrote, directed and performed in almost every production for the next two decades, often with Everett Quinton, his life partner and muse, by his side. Renowned for drag, high comedy, melodrama, ... view full profile

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