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A Hell of a Mess - Full Length Play, Comedy

A Hell of a Mess

Tom Bishop, Helen Gary Bishop, Eugene Ionesco

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Full Length Play, Comedy

39m or f

By Eugene Ionesco
Translated by Helen Gary Bishop
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Full Length Play


The hero, after working in an office for years, inherits money from a rich uncle and moves to a respectable apartment. He begins a brief, pointless love affair with a waitress. Violence breaks out and bloodshed occurs on his doorstep. The revolution wins, then abates, and a new regime takes over. As these events swirl around him and change the world, he goes on reading the paper, drinking too much. The serio-comic turns push the polite conventionalities of middle-class life to the point of madness and barely hide the author's despair at the insularity of human existence.


39m or f


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Eugene Ionesco

Eugene Ionesco

(born Nov. 26, 1909, Slatina, Rom.died March 28, 1994, Paris, France) was a Romanian-born French playwright. He studied in Bucharest and Paris, where he lived from 1945. His first one-act antiplay, The Bald Soprano (1950), inspired a revolution in dramatic techniques and helped inaugurate the Theatre of the Absurd. He followed it with other one-act plays in which illogical events create an ... view full profile

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