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Hot Ice - Full Length Play, Comedy

Hot Ice

Charles Ludlam

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Full Length Play, Comedy

8m, 7f

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Full Length Play


Cast in the mold of such gangster epics as Cagney's White Heat , on which it is partially based, Hot Ice depicts the underground war between The Cryogenic Foundation (devoted to freezing the dead in the hope of later resuscitation) and The Euthanasia Police (an ecological law enforcement outfit committed to the ideal of the "good death"). Ramona Malone, an attractive widow, joins such Euthanasia Police regulars as Buck Armstrong, Tank Irish, and Lieutenant Sczutcar-etski in pursuit of Cryogenic Foundation president Max Mortimer, his mother, Irmtraut "Moms" Mortimer, and his girlfriend, Bunny Beswick. A Narrator guides and interprets the proceedings, providing comic commentary not only on the uproarious action but also on the art of the theater and playwrighting in particular. Audience plants argue with the actors, bingo is played, and a Kid from the audience is drafted into the Euthanasia Police.
"Hilarious... a manic collection of gags, wordplays and horseplay." - The New York Times "Brilliant, hilarious, outrageous... a treasure and delight... don't miss it." - Village Voice


8m, 7f


Cross gender casting, Reduced casting (Doubling Possible)

Charles Ludlam

Charles Ludlam

Charles Ludlam (1943-1987) grew up in Queens, New York, just a few subway stops from Greenwich Village, and the heart of Gay America. At twenty-four, he founded the Ridiculous Theatrical Company, where he wrote, directed and performed in almost every production for the next two decades, often with Everett Quinton, his life partner and muse, by his side. Renowned for drag, high comedy, melodrama, ... view full profile

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