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Homeroom The Musical - Full Length Musical, Dramatic Comedy

Homeroom The Musical

Andrea Green, Selma Tolins Kaufman

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Full Length Musical, Dramatic Comedy

6m, 8f

ISBN: MS00000000557

Book, Lyrics, and Music by Andrea Green and Selma Tolins Kaufman

"Thank you for creating a powerful musical that empowers middle school kids to find their voice and simultaneously communicate an important message to the world." - Ross M. Burkhardt, National Teacher Hall of Fame Inductee.

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Full Length Musical

Dramatic Comedy

Theatre for Young Audiences

90 minutes

Time Period - Contemporary, Present Day

Settings Of Play -

The play takes place inside a school, which can be achieved with actual or suggested sets. Locations within the school include: Hallways with lockers, Homeroom, Cafeteria.


Play w/ Music, Audience Participation/Interactive

Interior Set, Unit Set/Multiple Settings, Bare Stage/Simple Set

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


No Special Cautions


Appropriate for all audiences, Pre-Teen (Age 11 - 13), Teen (Age 14 - 18)


Elementary School / Primary, Community Theatre, Professional Theatre, Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups, Jr High/Primary, High School/Secondary


Selected by National Performing Arts Festival - for Disney World Competition


Themes: acceptance of differences, standing up for self and others, developing feelings of empathy, compassion and respect. 

The show begins with Jeff, expressing the belief that the kids in his homeroom have nothing in common except for their last name beginning with the letter "V". Fifteen songs later, Jeff is more aware of the similarities than the differences. Teens share their feelings regarding relationships, success and failure, social acceptance and alienation in this powerful piece. Their individual stories weave together a musical with relevant themes of understanding, acceptance and respect. A sellout at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia, this insightful show is a perfect choice for middle and high school theater groups and teen theater companies.

For detailed information about HOMEROOM the MUSICAL go to www.homeroomthemusical.com


"Thank you for creating a powerful musical that empowers teens to find their voice and simultaneously communicate an important message to the world." - Ross M. Burkhardt, National Teacher Hall of Fame Inductee.

"Most young people feel different, but don't talk about it. One isolated teenager could become a victim and another could become a bully. "Homeroom" opens up a dialogue that can change the way our children see each other and themselves. I would like to see Homeroom in every school." - Dr. Dan Gottlieb, Psychologist and Family Therapist; nationally recognized mental health expert; Author of Letters to Sam and Learning from the Heart

"Character Education at it's best! Homeroom breaks down the barriers of labels and...KIDS CONNECT." - Dr. Frances J. Rhodes, Superintendent of Schools

Check out these photos from Colegio Ponceño's production of Homeroom the Musical in February 2016.


Colegio Ponceño in Puerto Rico produces Homeroom. Read more (Article in Spanish)



HOMEROOM the MUSICAL was produced at The Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia, Playhouse on Park in Hartford, Conn. Fusion Academy in South Jersey and scores of theaters and schools across the country.

Since 2005:

    - Featured at the National Performing Arts Festival in Disney World (February 2013)
    - Farming Central High School (Farmington, IL)  
    - Cedar Performing Arts Academy (Lancaster, CA)
    - St. Monica School (Methuen, MA)
    - Millhopper School  (Gainesville, FL)
    - Homer Comm. High School (Homer, MI)
    - St. Andrews School  (Ridgeland, MS)
    - Carthage School (Carthage, NY)
    - Fusion Academy of the Arts (Cherry Hill, NJ)
    - Abington Friends School (Abington, PA)
    - UU Children's Theatre (Des Moines, IA)
    - Sewickley Academy,(Sewickley, PA)
    - Monadnock Regional High School,(Swanzey, NH)
    - Encore Players Productions (Acton, MA)
    - Lowville Academy & Central School (Lowville, NY)
    - Hillcrest Middle School (Mississauga ON)
    - Playouse Theatre Group, Inc (West Hartford, CT)
    - Holy Rosary Theater Group (Staten Island, NY)
    - Great Hollow Middle School (Nesconsett, NY)
    - Wells Middle School (Southbridge, MA)
    - Manlius Pebble Hill School (Syracuse, NY)
    - Mary Institute Country Day School (Saint Louis, MO)
    - Lesllie Middle School (Salem OR)
    - Chinook Middle School (Lacey WA)
    - Washington Middle School (Harrison, NJ)
    - Queen's University (Kingston, ON)
    - The Play Group Theatre (White Plains, NY)
    - Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids (Boulder, CO)
    - Mills High School (Millbrae, CA)
    - St. Mary's Ryken High School (Leonardtown, MD)
    - Radnor Middle School (Wayne, PA)
    - St. Paul Jewish Community Center (St. Paul, MN)
    - Orchard Valley Middle School, (Sewell, N.J.)



6m, 8f


Features Children, Features Teens, Flexible casting, Room for Extras, Expandable casting, Reduced casting (Doubling Possible), Ensemble cast


The director can be flexible with assigning the characters (male/female roles). There can be doubling or double casting. There is an expanded cast libretto available (for casts over the size of 50).



VANESSA (VINNIE) VALENTINE – independent; outspoken; tomboy.
MIKE VAKOWSKI – insecure; insensitive jock.
SHAWNETTE VANCE – quiet; observant; gifted reader.
JACK VANDERBILT – silent; floating; skater (signals dramatic moments).
YANNI VEEDA – alienated; artist.
LAURA VELASQUEZ – sad; isolated achiever.
CHRISTINE VELL – snobby; insecure cheerleader.
BETH VINCENT (“CLONE”) – silly; gullible; dependent follower.
JEFF VICKSTEIN – engaging; commentating observer.
AMY VICTOR (“CLONE”) – sweet; sensitive pleaser.
ALEX VITALLI – brilliant; quirky; hyperactive INDIVIDUAL.
JASON VOGELBERG – driven; politically active; doer.
ANDY VOIGHT – friendly; popular; pleaser.
JENNY VOY (“CLONE”) – fun; perky; mathematically challenged.
“THE CLONES”/CHEERLEADERS – (Amy, Beth, Jenny and others) – followers of Christine Vell. In smaller casts, “The Clones” may provide special harmony parts.
HOMEROOM SINGERS – select vocal group for additional solos and harmonies.
HOMEROOM DANCERS – select dance group for solos & featured dance sections.
HOMEROOM ENSEMBLE – larger chorus who dances in featured numbers.

Rental Materials


Piano Only


Classic Broadway, Pop/Rock



15 Piano/Vocal Scores
1 Guide Vocal Track CD
1 Director's Libretto (with performance and curriculum suggestions)
20 Student Librettos
Song Samples



How Do I Look?

Locker Rock

I'm a Person Too

Hopeless Case


Going it Alone

Stand Up for Yourself

Today's the Day

Is it Love?

How You Play the Game


Dance With Me

Don't Forget About Me

Homeroom (Reprise)

Stand Up for Yourself (Reprise)

  • Andrea Green on Homeroom: The Musical

  • Homeroom the Musical Promo

Andrea Green

Andrea Green

Andrea Green is a playwright, composer, lyricist, musical director, professional jazz pianist/vocalist, and music therapist nationally known for her musicals for children and family audiences.  Andrea received a Proclamation from the City of Philadelphia for her musicals which are vehicles to foster empathy, understanding, acceptance and unity between young people. Her musicals convey ... view full profile

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Tim Brown 4/24/2015 10:54 AM
Homeroom the Musical was a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved. The cast of seventh and eighth graders were able to identify with the characters, their feelings, desires, and fears. The musical numbers gave all the cast members an opportunity to showcase their singing and dancing talents.  The stories that these characters shared through the songs and dialogue were at times funny and other times poignant but they were always very real. We were also lucky enough to have Andrea Green come see the production and have a heartfelt discussion with the cast about what the production meant to them. I highly recommend this musical.  
Katie Hamel 4/13/2015 9:22 PM
In my 13 years of directing musicals I finally found a musical that is unique, entertaining and meaningful.l I had the absolute pleasure of directing Homeroom, the musical this past winter. I worked with 18 5th graders and we all had a wonderful experience. Despite having to choose the play before I knew who was auditioning, I felt comfortable with the script from the start. The play was very adaptable and was able to fit our unique needs of 16 girls and 1 boy. The music was not only entertaining and catchy, but easy to learn. We were only able to work with only a pianist and we have no regrets about that decision. The music is written well enough where we didn’t need anything more. The sets could be minimal or very elaborate, depending on your space and budget. The topics discussed in the play were very relevant to middle school students, and allowed us as a school to speak openly about very important issues that students of all ages face. Bullying is such a relevant topic these days and this play helps students become more confident and sent a wonderful message about standing up for yourself and accepting those people who are different. I noticed, that as the rehearsal process progressed, there were less cliques and a lot more positive interactions between the students. Not only did the students relate and learn from the play, but the audience members did as well. Several parents spoke to me about how this play was a great jumping off point to talk to their children about the struggles of being a kid. There is not a single person out there, who couldn’t relate to one of the many topics discussed.

This is the musical to pick if you are look for a show that is adaptable, unique, fun and a true learning experience. It is not hokey, or cheesy in any way, like a lot of musicals with messages are. It delicately touches on important topics that anyone of any age can relate to. It was better for us to choose this, over a “well known” musical because it allowed myself and the students to create our own piece of work, not just produce a copy of a show done a bunch of times. The students took real ownership of this piece and were incredibly proud of the unique show they performed. The kids and I will be singing these songs for a long time and will remember the lessons we have learned to help us get through some hard times.  Without a doubt I will do this play again, or any of Andrea Green’s work, in the future with other groups.

Jennifer Ulery 12/5/2013 8:59 AM
The kids loved this musical as well as the audience!  The message was extremely powerful and brought my students together as a group.  The only thing I wish was that there were parts written for the orchestra!  My pit had to write their own parts...I am blessed to have such amazing musicians!

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