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Next to Normal: Vocal Selections

Next to Normal: Vocal Selections

Tom Kitt, Brian Yorkey, Alfred Publishing

ISBN: 9780739064474

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: Vocal Selections

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(Vocal Selections). A piano/vocal songbook featuring nearly every song from the Tony award-winning musical by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey about a family's struggle to hold itself together while confronting the challenges of mental illness. This book contains 26 emotionally-charged songs, including "Superboy and the Invisible Girl," "I Miss the Mountains," and "You Don't Know."
Winner of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. "No show on Broadway right now makes as a direct grab for the heart--or wrings it as thoroughly--as "Next to Normal" does. . . . [It] focuses squarely on the pain that cripples the members of a suburban family, and never for a minute does it let you escape the anguish at the core of their lives. Next to Normal does not, in other words, qualify as your standard feel-good musical. Instead this portrait of a manic-depressive mother and the people she loves and damages is something much more: a feel-everything musical, which asks you, with operatic force, to discover the liberation in knowing where it hurts.” —Ben Brantley, The New York Times.


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