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Open Up or Shut Up!: How to Talk Your Way Into or Out of Anything!

Open Up or Shut Up!: How to Talk Your Way Into or Out of Anything!

Barbara Deutsch

ISBN: 9781463425845

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Trade Paperback

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OPEN UP or SHUT UP is an essential handbook for life's most important conversations. Using tips and tools developed over a lifetime of observing people Barbara Deutsch has created a light hearted walk through real life situations, conversations and interactions, tackling the very serious topic of communication with humor, compassion, and straight talk. Whether you are at the top of your game, struggling to be discovered or somewhere in between, in OPEN UP or SHUT UP Barbara Deutsch will help you stop listening to the distractions around you, undo the mess that you've gotten yourself into and remind you how amazing you are. With this book, Barbara will help you get what you want and never sell yourself out. She will introduce you to yourself and show you that you don't have to carry the past around like a ball and chain. She will help you peel away the veils of everyone else's opinions so you can discover your own potential and be thrilled. She will help you be an influence rather than be influenced. Along the way she will share her tried and true methods as well as some of her own personal war stories - some because they illustrate a point and some because they're just good stories. After reading this book, you can throw away the self-help books (except this one ) and start planning your own life adventure. That's what this book is really about.
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