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Whelan Plays: v. 1: "The Herbal Bed","The School of Night", "The Accrington Pals"

Whelan Plays: v. 1: "The Herbal Bed","The School of Night", "The Accrington Pals"

Peter Whelan

ISBN: 9780413773050

A collection of history plays by Peter Whelan, one of Britain's most interesting contemporary playwrights. The plays are "The Herbal Bed", "The School of the Night" and "The Accrington Pals".

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The first collection of plays by one of Britain's most acclaimed contemporary playwrights THE ACCRINGTON PALS The young men of a Lancashire mill town leave their homes and lovers for the trenches of the Somme. A moving and often comic evocation of the suffering of the women they left behind. THE HERBAL BED Stratford-upon-Avon in 1613, and Susannah, eldest daughter of William Shakespeare must defend her good name when she is slandered by her husband's servant. Whelan's entertaining exploration of morality and desire, set in the post-Elizabethan era. THE SCHOOL OF NIGHT Charged with treason and heresy Christopher Marlowe is on the run from the law. As he sits in the Rose Theatre, hiding, and composing his greatest lyric, Marlowe reflects upon the intrigues that have brought him to the brink of ruin, and contemplates his escape from England before the inevitable and mysterious bar-room brawl that will end his life on 30 May 1593." I can't call to mind any male playwright since Chekhov in the Three Sisters who has presented the loves, longings and sufferings of women with such humour and poignancy" - New Statesman "Whelan is a writer who gets more interesting with every play" - Guardian
Peter Whelan

Peter Whelan

Peter Whelan (b. 1931) was born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent. He started work at the Stoke Town Planning Office as an assistant surveyor and his varied list of former jobs includes farm worker, manservant, demolition worker, hall porter, advertising copywriter and English teacher. In 1950 and 1951 he undertook his mandatory 2-years of National Service which must have had a profound influence on ... view full profile

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