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Playdate: A Parent's and Teacher's Guide to Putting on a Play

Playdate: A Parent's and Teacher's Guide to Putting on a Play

Cindy Marcus

ISBN: 9781566081603

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Trade Paperback

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So fresh and welcoming What a different kind of guide this book is Learn everything you need to know about play production for kids from a Disney film screenwriter and parent-producer/director. She tells it all in a breezy, fun style from her own personal experiences. It tells teachers and parents how to assist children in staging a play step by step and week by week. PLAYdate travels with adults and kids through the exhausting. exhilarating, and magical world of theatre. Within its twelve chapters it tells you how to choose a play or write your own. You'll cast, block, design simple sets and costumes, plan rehearsals, recruit parent volunteers, and discover how to create a smash hit. Included are forms and checklists so you don't forget anything. Inspirational trivia, photos, and do-able instructions all presented with warmth and humor. The book is full of anecdotes to charm and encourage from the start to the closing curtain and the outrageously delightful applause from everyone.
Cindy Marcus

Cindy Marcus

Cindy Marcus won an acting scholarship to the Teenage Drama Workshop in Los Angeles when she was but a teen. She's made her living in show business ever since. With her husband and partner, Flip Kobler, she spent many years at Disney writing the sequels to Pocahontas, Lady And The Tramp, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, and many, many others.Her books, Playdate - A Parent And Teachers Guide To Putting ... view full profile

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