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The Power of the Playwright's Vision: Blueprints for the Working Writer

The Power of the Playwright's Vision: Blueprints for the Working Writer

Gordon Farrell

ISBN: 9780325002422

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Every playwright has his or her own vision of life - and seeks to express that vision on stage. Over the past two hundred years, the world's greatest dramatists have been constructing models, or blueprints of their visions, to make sure that what is in their hearts gets put on stage. This book distills that genius and innovation into a practical manual.

In a clear and easily understood way, Gordon Farrell makes available the most potent and effective structures ever devised by the world's most important dramatists. Playwrights like Henrik Ibsen, Anton Chekov, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett, Lillian Hellman, Bertolt Brecht, Jean Paul Sartre, Harold Pinter, and Jean Cocteau all developed powerful new writing tools that empowered them to capture their personal vision of the world on stage. "The Power of the Playwright's Vision" describes not only what these techniques are, but also how they can be put to use, enabling today's working playwrights to bring the power of their own personal vision to life in the theatre.

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