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Preparing for Takeoff: Preproduction for the Independent Filmmaker

Preparing for Takeoff: Preproduction for the Independent Filmmaker

Arthur Vincie

ISBN: 9780415661683

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Trade Paperback

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You have the camera, time, money (or credit card), so why don't you just start shooting? "Preparing for Takeoff" will give you the tools you need to fully prepare for your independent film.

This book features:

  • Vital preproduction tips on scheduling, previsualization, script analysis, location scouting, budgeting, hiring vendors, and clearing permits
  • A detailed analysis of the role both producers and directors play in the preproduction process
  • Crucial advice on how to prepare for postproduction and distribution while still in the early stages of making a film
  • Lessons from the field in how to avoid mid-shoot changes, unhappy actors, fostering a resentful crew, wasted days and dwindling finances
  • An accompanying website that includes sample script analyses, storyboards, beat sheets, editable budget forms, and more
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