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Scenes for Teens, by Teens: A Collection by Diane Christiansen

Scenes for Teens, by Teens: A Collection by Diane Christiansen

Diane Christiansen

ISBN: 9781450218788

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Trade Paperback

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Perhaps more than any other time of life, the teen years are a period associated with distinct social norms, and language patterns are especially important to the social dynamics of teenagers. Their characteristic communication style is their trademark; it's one of the things that give this time of life such a unique flavor. For teenagers, their vernacular literally gives them entrance into the various subgroups of a culture that depends greatly on particular modes of communication.So what better way for a young actor to prepare than with the language of their peers? The up-to-date communication style in these scenes-written by teens, for teens-is what makes them so accessible to the teenaged actor."These scenes are playable and organic, with topics that are real and intuitive, and characters that are familiar to teens of the 21st Century. They can slip into these roles as readily as they slide into their own social circles.""This is what today's teens can understand and relate to..".".Diane Christiansen has compiled scenes with the lingo, attitude, and content that provide much of the drama and comedy of a teenager's life."If you would like to contact Diane, please visit her website at: http: //www.dianechristiansen.com/
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