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Screen Adaptation: A Scriptwriting Handbook

Screen Adaptation: A Scriptwriting Handbook

Kenneth Portnoy

ISBN: 9780240803494

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Trade Paperback

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Screen Adaptation: A Scriptwriting Handbook, 2nd ed. examines the challenge screenwriters face when adapting novels, plays, and short stories for the screen. Thoroughly updated to include new exercises and example from current films, this book provides practical, usable information on how to find the best plot line for a script, choose key characters, and understand the goals and formats of different genres. Topics include: determining which characters and events are most valuable on developing the main story;expanding short novellas and condensing long novels;using dialog to advance the story and reveal character;comparing the formats of plays, short stories, and novels to those of screenplaysapproaching the marketplaceIn this book, both beginning writers and professionals will find the tools necessary to evaluate a prospective source and create a successful screenplay
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