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The Screenwriting Formula: Why It Works and How to Use It

The Screenwriting Formula: Why It Works and How to Use It

Rob Tobin

ISBN: 9781582974620

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Trade Paperback

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Make the Hollywood Formula Work for You

As a screenwriter, you have a difficult task even after the script is complete: You have to break into Hollywood. Rob Tobin, who has read thousands of screenplays in his job as a script reader and development executive, has developed "the" formula to get a script from page to production - and he's sharing it with you

"The Screenwriting Formula" is not just about how to write a killer screenplay - it also explains the structure that movie executives are looking for, as well as how to transform an idea into a fully-loaded script, packed with action and ready to go. You'll learn how to:

  • Use the seven basic story elements to instantly grab an audience's attention and, more importantly, keep it
  • Develop character and plot in new ways through creating a backstory and telling both the objective and subjective story
  • Structure your script so that it gets noticed by movie makers
  • Craft a winning logline that will ensure a good pitch
Plus, to help illustrate the formula, Tobin develops a story from beginning to end, showing you step-by-step how to make the most of this exclusive trade secret.

With "The Screenwriting Formula," you have everything you need to take you from idea to the big screen.

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