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Shoot Me: Independent Filmmaking from Creative Concept to Rousing Release

Shoot Me: Independent Filmmaking from Creative Concept to Rousing Release

Roy Frumkes, Rocco Simonelli

ISBN: 9781581152470

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Trade Paperback

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When the script says "shoot me" and Hollywood says no, your only alternative is to raise the money and do it yourself. Here's how screenwriters Roy Frumkes and Rocco Simonelli used digital video to do just that. Witty, original, and ruthlessly on the mark, this unvarnished look at independent film-making chronicles both the creative intricacies of collaboration and the tricks of staying in budget and out of court. The authors compare notes as they describe the entire film-making process, with coverage including: * Targeting the audience for the script and tailoring the script for the audience * Raising money: your friends, your family, and the millionaire next door * Casting: names, no-names, and personality nightmares * Locations: finding them, securing them, and sometimes even stealing them * Producing: creating a budget, scheduling the shoot, and dealing with unions * Directing: working with actors and protecting your vision * Editing: or dropping that scene you thought was a gem * Celebrating, publicizing, and distributing the finished product
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