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Mrs. Gibbons' Boys - Full Length Play, Comedy

Mrs. Gibbons' Boys

Will Glickman, Joseph Stein

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Full Length Play, Comedy

8m, 3f

ISBN: MS00000000138

NOTICE: Please be advised, this title is from the Samuel French Vault and is made from a scan of an archived manuscript. We hope you’ll treasure this glimpse into theatre history.

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Full Length Play




Interior Set

A gentle farce, but constantly moving and mirthful. Mrs. Gibbons is a proper middle-aged woman who lives with a levelheaded sister. She has three boys, one on probation and two in jail, and bats in the belfry. Her boys can do no wrong, and are still just mischievous boys to her. Mrs. Gibbons is being courted by a cashier at the gas company when her two sons break jail and drop by on their way West. They are crude and larcenous, and haven't a decent emotion about anything; but they revere their mother. After a topsy-turvy night of robbery, involving the gas company cashier and a policeman, the boys are gently chastised and sent back to that naughty jail by Mrs. Gibbons. There is a most amusing overnight romance between a gargantuan accomplice in the prison break and Mrs. Gibbons' unmarried sister. He offers to toss through a plate glass window any guy what don't treat her as an okay dame, and even proposes that she elope with him to be married by a guy he knows in Philly, a phony priest. "He's a very educated guy. He used to be a phony doctor." This whole adventure is a rich comic caprice heartily recommended.


8m, 3f


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