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Theatre Sources Dot Com

Theatre Sources Dot Com

Louis E. Catron

ISBN: 9780325003825

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Trade Paperback

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A rich variety of theatre and dance materials exists in the cyber world, there for the taking if only you knew where to look. Now you do - with this personal, friendly, and thorough guide through the cyber maze and an accompanying website that offers immediate access to the information you're searching for, whether it's details about auditions and jobs or the policies of the U.S. Copyright Office.

Louis Catron has carefully combed the Web to locate the most helpful sites - more than 750 for U.S. and Canadian theatre and dance professionals. Beginning with search basics, his book covers every theatrical interest area from playwriting and dramaturgy to scenery and sound. Each chapter provides not merely a list of relevant websites, but detailed annotations on each one, with helpful guides to let you find your way. Included are more than forty sites listing theatre jobs, almost ninety for acting and dancing, close to two hundred for design and tech, and much, much more for choreographers, directors, and theatre and dance art managers, too. Many of these sites contain links to yet other pages that can double or triple your access to valuable e-destinations. All the research has been done for you so you can easily use the Web for your personal interests.

For purchasers of "Theatre Sources Dot Com," a dedicated website (www.heinemanndrama.com/theatresources/) will provide direct links to all of the sites featured in the book and will be regularly updated to keep track of changing URLs and down sites.

Uncover locations and information you didn't know existed. . . . Enhance your career or entertain yourself with the latest online news. . . . Surf the Web with your invaluable companion, Theatre Sources Dot Com.

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