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Theatrical Fx Makeup

Theatrical Fx Makeup

John Pivovarnick, David Sartor

ISBN: 9780325002385

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Trade Paperback

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So you're doing "King Lear" and want to know the best way to get the maximum effect for Gloucester's gouged-out eyes. Or "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and can't figure out makeup for Puck. Or any number of plays featuring ghosts, zombies, beat-up boxers, otherworldly creatures, or just folks who've had some really bad luck lately. This lavishly illustrated guide to the dark side of special-effects makeup will walk you step by step through the process.

"Theatrical FX Makeup" is written for anyone with a general interest in trying some (literally) eye-popping makeup effects on their own, especially theatre and film professionals. It features dozens of makeup effects accompanied by simple directions for creating them with both professional-quality makeup supplies and items easily found around the house or local supermarket. Unlike most makeup books, this one is play specific. In addition to the directions for each effect, you'll discover a list of show and character-specific productions for which the effect is appropriate, along with variations to help you adapt each makeup to your specific needs.

The book also comes with a companion CD-ROM, which shows all of the book's illustrations in full color with easy access to the corresponding directions and supply list.

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