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Tough to Get Help - Full Length Play, Comedy

Tough to Get Help

Steve Gordon

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Full Length Play, Comedy

8m, 4f

ISBN: 9780573616938

Luther and Belulah Jackson are torn when their son has bombed a courthouse in support of Black civil rights. Do they help their son find the money from their white exployers or do they condemn him for the choice he has made?

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Full Length Play



Interior Set

Luther Jackson and his wife Beaulah Mae work for the Grants in Larchmont, New York. They are all one happy family despite their differences in race. Luther and Beaulah love their lives and the Grants are seemingly liberal where their employees are concerned. Their happiness is shattered however when Luther's son Leroy, who has been away for four years, returns for dinner one night with his girlfriend Carlotta. Leroy, who grew up in the Grants home is not the little boy they all remember. They find he has recently bombed a courthouse for Black civil rights and needs $10,000 from the Grants to leave the country. When the Grants refuse, Leroy attempts to get the money by force. Both Luther and Beaulah help the Grants chase Leroy out, and inform the police. Luther goes to sleep that night with a bad conscience and has a series of dreams which include Abe Lincoln, a KKK member, and his unborn grandchild. He awakens with new motivations. He helps Leroy get the money from the Grants and then takes Beaulah and Carlotta to live in Harlem.


8m, 4f

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