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Waiting Tables, Dodging Bullets: An Actor's Guide to Surviving Los Angeles

Waiting Tables, Dodging Bullets: An Actor's Guide to Surviving Los Angeles

Brendan Brandt, Charles Hayes

ISBN: 9781604941654

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Trade Paperback

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Thinking about moving to Los Angeles to be an actor? Then you need this book. This is a book about all the crazy things youll encounter as you start your new life in Los Angeles. You need this book. Especially if you arent intimately acquainted with this ridiculous, over-the-top, celebrity-riddled, coke-infested, smoggy, earthquake-prone, tofu-eating, laid-back, purse-dog-carrying, who-you-know city. This book is current, hip, funny, and written by two young guys for younger people. You need it. In "Waiting Tables, Dodging Bullets," Brendan Brandt and Charles Hayes walk you through the arc of a young new actors career and tell you how to navigate LA without getting shot. With advice on making the big move, getting settled, finding employment outside of acting, spotting soulless scam artists from hell, cracking the Pandoras box that is SAG, dealing with (and loving) rejection, booking your first job, taking acting classes, (not) doing extra work, creating your own work, compromising your integrity, and more, Brandt and Hayes cover it all, sharing their own off-the-wall experiences along the way.
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