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Wandering Heart: A Gay Man's Journey: Book One: The Search

Wandering Heart: A Gay Man's Journey: Book One: The Search

John Loomis

ISBN: 9781440198236

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Trade Paperback

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John Loomis grew up in a small South Texas town during the last days of the Great Depression and World War II. As an only child, and with disturbed parents, he was isolated from his peers. Growing up shy, bookish, and knowing from a very early age that he was "different" in some unacceptable way, he was very distressed to find out from the high school library that he was gay. There was no one to turn to for help or information. He thought the only other gay person on earth was Andre Gide, the great French writer, but he was too far away to visit. Feeling alone, but not lonely, he went on to college and medical school, and after that did psychiatric training and opened an office in New York City. Gradually, he made peace with being gay and began a search for love, which led to many adventures, disasters, happiness, and heartbreak. After inheriting the family business, he was torn between it and his medical practice. He developed alcoholism, the family disease, and was also troubled by recurrent depressions. Beginning his recovery from alcoholism in 1977, he has been able to construct a generally happy life.
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