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Whale Riding Weather

Whale Riding Weather

Bryden MacDonald

ISBN: 9780889223530

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Trade Paperback

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Licensing Rights for this title are not available through Samuel French.

A love story in which a faded old queen finds his life slipping away from him along with his young lover, who meets a new, younger man.
"One day when I was sitting in a tiny little basement bar I noticed a man sitting alone at the bar--an elegant old queen with snowy white hair perfectly sculpted around his translucent face. His eyes could have been any colour--they were empty. He remained very still, holding a brandy snifter with great reverence while a steady stream of tears flowed down his cheeks. I suddenly found myself inventing his history, wondering what it must have been like for him growing up gay--maybe in a small fishing village on the east coast.
Had he been ridiculed by his peers?
Disowned by his parents?
Did he run to a big city at too early an age?"
Cast of 3 men.
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