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The Working Writer's Screenplay

The Working Writer's Screenplay

Jim Makichuk

ISBN: 9781482375107

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Trade Paperback

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Writer-director Jim Makichuk's unique book on screenwriting is based on his UCLA extension class lectures and over 35 years of actual experience. The book has two sections; it begins with his most recent film in which he uses the complete screenplay with marked notes as well as text that adds more detail. Also included are chapters on how to create real characters, dealing with conflict, dialog and many other important aspects of writing all based on working in the trenches rather than mythical formulas and secrets. The second part of the book deals with breaking into screenwriting, hanging on and making it work for you. This includes very detailed chapters on finding agents, working with producers and actors, adapting books, rewrites, pitches and finding those golden moments of writing that makes it all worthwhile.
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