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You Can Write a Song: A Songwriting Guide for All Levels

You Can Write a Song: A Songwriting Guide for All Levels

Randy Klein

ISBN: 9781458497321

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Mixed Media Publication

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(Book). Songwriting is a craft that can be learned and enjoyed by all. You may not play an instrument, you may not be able to carry a tune, and you may not have a very large vocabulary but you may really want to write a song. In all honesty, you can write a song, but you are in for a challenge and your learning curve will be steep. Yet if you are passionate about learning how to create a song, it can be done and you will get immense satisfaction from it, because the best songs come from the heart. Randy Klein's belief is that anyone can write a song about anything. It may not be a hit song or a well-constructed song or even a song that anyone else can remember, but if you feel strongly about something and you can't speak it, then you can write a song about it. This book can be used in many ways: as a course outline for any level of songwriting, as a reference book on the multiple facets of the craft of songwriting, or as a refresher source for refocusing the rules about songwriting. Along the way are useful hints, tips, and axioms about songwriting that will inspire readers to write better songs and make them think about the craft.
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